At the isthmus you can climb up to Truganini Lookout and be inspired by the panorama. The Neck is also home to the Penguin rookery and migrating Shearwater and Sea Eagles can also be sighted. There are many species of birds on Bruny Island that attract visitors from all over the world. All 12 species that are endemic to Tasmania are found on Bruny!

Migrating whales and pods of dolphins are now a common sight in the waters surrounding the Island particularly Adventure Bay and the area has now officially been listed in the whale watching guide.

There is wildlife everywhere you go and what better way to view it than enjoying one of the many walks the island is well known for from the family friendly Grass Point track to the more challenging Slide Track. Or you can simply kick your shoes off and feel the warm sand beneath your feet as you tackle the many kilometres of pristine beach on offer.